Like many other products, containers and packaging materials in direct contact with food are also on the list that need to be declared quality to ensure the health of users. Nhat Minh Tan Import Export Company (NHAMITA) is a unit with many years of experience in this service, commits to complete in a quick time with extremely competitive prices, helping businesses increase trust with customers when distributing products to the market.

1. Three Reasons You Must Declare Quality of Containers and Packaging Materials in Direct Food Contact

- Is a mandatory regulation of the state under Clause 1, Article 4 of Decree 15/2018, "Organizations and individuals producing and trading in food make self-declaration of packaging materials in direct contact with food"
- Protecting consumer health, creating consumer confidence when choosing to use products of the business.
- Helping businesses increase their competitive advantage with distributors of products of unknown origin or origin in the market.

2. The Strengths of NHAMITA Self-declaration Service of Containers, Packaging Materials Direct Food Contact

Established in 2003, with nearly 20 years of experience as an import-export agent, NHAMITA confidently brings businesses the service of self-declaration of containers, packaging materials in direct contact with food at a high level, reasonable price, fast completion time and enthusiastic advice of a team of highly specialized staff.
We have built a strict, highly effective working process, but are always ready to listen to customers' comments and suggestions during the cooperation.
Therefore, not only in Ho Chi Minh City but NHAMITA has also received the trust and support of customers across the country in the field of self-declaration services for containers and packaging materials in direct contact, package products in particular and other import and export services in general.
Specifically, our workflow will include the following steps:

  • Consulting necessary documents for customers
  • Receive samples from customers
  • Submit samples for testing
  • Send notarized translation labels
  • Compose proclamation records for the product
  • Submit documents to the food safety department
  • Return publication records to customers

Especially, we will continuously support customers through 3 phases: before - during and after the announcement, helping businesses quickly own the quality declaration paper for containers, contact packaging materials direct food products to facilitate the process of introducing products to the market.

3. Customer Records Need To Prepare When Using Self-declaration Service Containing Tools, Packaging Materials Direct Food Contact At NHAMITA

A set of customer profiles that need to prepare when using the service at NHAMITA includes:

  • Business registration certificate
  • Test sample: 300 - 500 ml (g) / sp
  • Product labels
  • Certificate of eligibility for domestically produced goods
  • Certificate of analysis / specification of product / Certification letter with Shelf Life Unit in case of lack of information on labels: NSX / HSD, Manufacturer, ingredient,..
  • Outsourcing contract with other units
  • For goods that need to be refrigerated: Certificate of eligibility for cold storage / Warehouse lease contract (if you hire an outside unit for storage)

After receiving the complete records, we will quickly deploy activities in accordance with the above mentioned process with the goal of completing the work in the shortest time. If customers have any questions during the preparation process, NHAMITA's staff are always ready to give free consultation, helping businesses to save maximum time and effort while ensuring high efficiency.
In short, NHAMITA's self-declaration service for containers, direct food packaging materials will make you completely satisfied right from the first cooperation. We are confident to bring to customers a professional service, with extremely reasonable fees to ensure competitiveness with other units in the market.