Import and export freight forwarding services at Nhat Minh Tan Import Export Company (NHAMITA) are continuously chosen by large enterprises to cooperate thanks to the outstanding advantages of experience, reasonable price and special always have a clear commitment to the effectiveness of the work. So if your company is having difficulty in carrying out import and export freight forwarding activities, then NHAMITA is definitely the name you should consider cooperating in the near future.

1. Export and import freight forwarding services in NHAMITA

Known as one of the extremely reputable enterprises in the field of import and export, NHAMTIA always strives to expand its service activities with the desire to meet the diverse search needs of today's businesses.

Some import and export freight forwarding services that NHAMITA performs

  • Services of customs declaration and customs clearance of goods.
  • Air freight services.
  • Sea freight services.
  • Service of applying for a license to import goods.
  • Inland freight services.

In fact, not only NHAMITA but many units have been implementing these services. Therefore, there are many cases where customers because they have not carefully studied or prioritized choosing a cheap place, leading to many inadequacies in the cooperation process, thereby directly affecting the business activities of enterprises. .

Therefore, you need to consider carefully before deciding to choose any service provider to ensure the implementation progress and work results are completed quickly and efficiently.

2. Why should choose NHAMITA import and export freight forwarding service

Prestigious brand since 2003

Born in 2003, as one of the leading customs agents in Ho Chi Minh City, NHAMITA is definitely a name that you should consider when looking for an address that provides specialized import and export freight forwarding services. Karma.

We always give customers specific commitments when signing the contract, especially do not waive responsibility when problems arise and are ready to support even after the cooperation process ends. Therefore, choosing a reputable long-term company like NHAMITA will surely bring many outstanding advantages over new businesses in the market.

Support customers throughout the cooperation process

One of the outstanding advantages of NHAMITA is having a team of highly qualified and experienced import-export staff who are always ready to support partners throughout the working process.

NHAMITA thinks that the problem of the business is also our problem. Therefore, if there are any problems in the process of importing and exporting goods, the NHAMITA team will quickly propose a plan to help customers solve the problem in the shortest time.

Reasonable service fee

With many years of experience in the field of import and export freight forwarding, providing services to thousands of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City as well as across the country, NHAMITA is confident to bring customers an extremely competitive price. competitive with the budget of small and medium enterprises.

Based on the criteria that price goes hand in hand with quality, we are committed to satisfy customers right in the first cooperation. NHAMITA understands that businesses when choosing a service company, besides the fixed fee, also consider other factors such as customer care policy, time to complete the work...

Therefore, although it is not the cheapest service provider, NHAMITA is still continuously chosen by businesses for cooperation, when there is a need for package delivery of import and export goods in particular and import and export services. other exports in general thanks to the efficiency that the company brings