Shipping goods by sea is one of the strengths of Nhat Minh Tan Import Export Company (NHAMITA) during nearly 20 years of operation (from 2003 to present). With many years of experience in dealing with problems that arise when delivering and receiving import and export goods, we always try to limit the risks and damages that may occur to customers during transportation. Especially, NHAMITA is confident to be one of the units with the best service prices today, helping businesses save costs in a maximum way when they need to ship by sea.

1. What are the pros and cons of shipping goods by sea?

  • Advantages

- Carrying a variety of goods.

- Large volume of transportation, can be hundreds, thousands of times more than air freight.

- The price is low because of the transportation of a large volume of goods, so the price is also reduced.

- Create conditions for economic exchange with countries and regions around the world.

  • Disadvantages

- Shipping is heavily dependent on natural conditions.

- The speed of the train is still low, the speed of operation of the vessel is still limited.

- It is not possible to deliver goods to land but need to combine with other means of transportation.

- It takes a lot of shipping time, so it is not suitable for goods that need to go fast or difficult to store.

2. Process of an export shipment by sea

The process of exporting goods by sea will usually include the following basic steps:

Step 1: Negotiate and sign the contract

Step 2: Apply for an export license

Step 3: Place the booking and take the empty container

Step 4: Prepare goods and check exports

Step 5: Buy insurance for the shipment

Step 6: Customs clearance

Step 7: Delivery to the ship

Step 8: Pay fee

Enterprises in need of sea freight need to look for a reputable unit with practical experience in this field to limit risks. In fact, many import-export companies offer this service but not all units have enough business to perform, leading to you facing many troubles in the process of cooperation afterwards.

3. Why choose NHAMITA's sea freight service?

NHAMITA provides customers with safe sea freight services with extremely outstanding advantages such as:

- Cheapest and most competitive sea freight in the market.

- Absolute confidentiality of customer information, customer support throughout the cooperation process

- Support free consultation of related services such as cargo insurance, customs procedures.

- Have a lot of experience in transporting large and bulky items with time commitment and quality assurance for products.

In fact, NHAMITA is one of the reputable import and export companies in Ho Chi Minh with a team of staff with professional knowledge and skills to quickly handle issues related to sea freight.

In particular, we always strive to bring customers an extremely competitive price but still ensure the quality of service, committed to satisfy the most fastest customers.

If you are looking for more information about NHAMTA's sea freight service or need more relevant information, do not hesitate to contact hotline 02837580830 for quick assistance.