Certificate of origin (C / O - Certificate of Origin) is a type of certificate of goods that is very important for businesses. In addition to the function of proof of origin, the C / O also decides on the import tax rate of goods. Nhat Minh Tan Import Export Company (NHAMITA) is known as a reputable certificate of origin unit with extremely reasonable prices, helping businesses to own C / O certificates for import and export activities in the fastest time.

1. Important Benefits of Having Certificate of Origin C / O

Tariff incentives: One of the important benefits of owning a certificate of origin is the identification of preferential imported goods, from which the goods will be eligible for preferential treatment. Trade agreements signed between countries.
Application of anti-dumping duties and subsidies: The dumping of goods causes considerable damage to manufacturing industries. Therefore, when determining the origin of goods, anti-dumping actions and the application of anti-subsidy taxes become feasible.
Trade statistics and the maintenance of the quota system: Identifying the origin of goods makes it easier to compile trade statistics for one country and some regions. On that basis, the new trade agencies can maintain the quota system - trade promotion.

2. Find Out Today's Popular C / O Patterns

Actually depending on the origin, the classification of goods will have different types of C / O. But currently the most popular ones are the following:
C / O form A (issued to goods exported to other countries to enjoy GSP universal tariff preferences)
C / O form D (countries in ASEAN)
C / O form E (ASEAN - China)
C / O form AK (ASEAN - Korea)
C / O form AJ (ASEAN - Japan)
C / O from VJ (Vietnam - Japan)
C / O form AI (ASEAN - India)
C / O form AANZ (ASEAN - Australia - New Zealand)
C / O form VC (Vietnam - Chile)
C / O form S (Vietnam - Laos; Vietnam - Cambodia)

3. Records Customers Need To Provide To Apply For C / O Certificate

  • Export customs declarations have gone through customs procedures, except for cases where exported goods are not required to declare export customs declarations according to law provisions. In case of plausible reasons C / O requester may submit after this document but no more than thirty (30) days from the date of issue of C / O;
  • Commercial Invoice / Packing list of the business
  • Statement of Production Process: For enterprises applying for C / O for the first time or for goods applying for C / O for the first time, enterprises must explain the production steps to final products.
  • Bill of Lading

In particular, if deeming it necessary, the C / O issuer may request the C / O applicant to provide additional documents related to exported products such as: Whether; export license; sale contract; invoice of value added purchase and sale of raw materials in the country; samples of raw materials, auxiliary materials or exported products and other documents proving the origin of the exported product;

4. Outstanding Advantages When Enterprises Using Service Applying Certificate of Origin in NHAMITA

NHAMITA Company is proud of being a customs agent with extensive experience in providing C / O certificates of origin to businesses across the country. With a team of skilled staff, with high professional knowledge, we will advise the necessary documents for customers to help the preparation process save time and effort.

Next, NHAMITA will proceed to compose an appropriate application for C / O. With electronic C / O we declare through VCCI electronic origin certification and management system, eCOSys ensures accuracy in information and fast execution time.

Finally, we will complete the process of applying for C / O at the import-export management department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade or at VCCI. Although for the import and export process, the application for the certificate of goods is considered quite difficult, but at NHAMITA we are committed to completing the licensing procedure in a short time at a cost extremely reasonable.

So if your business is in need of a certificate of origin, do not hesitate to contact the Hotline 028.3758.0830, the staff of NHAMITA company are always ready to advise and support customers from the first stage, to quickly and professionally meet the needs of the business.